Thermoplastic Polymers

We make extruded articles with polyvinyl chlorides (PVC), Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene – ABS and Nylon

Polyvinyl chloride – PVC

The polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) are mainly amorphous thermoplastic materials and they have a very good chemical resistance and, after an appropriate stabilization, they are good light-proof and weather-proof. After the co-polymerization, respectively graft polymerization or mixing with flex-elastic plastic materials, the impact strength of the polyvinyl chloride can be considerably improved. The PVC can be mixed with plasticizer in order to get a more flexible material. Our forty-year experience allow us to get formulations aimed to the final use. In our production, we have five kinds of products:


Used for producing rigid profiles of complex section, with excellent proprieties such as impact strength, bending resistance, dimensional stability and high UV resistance.


Used for producing flexible profile, with good compression-set proprieties, dimensional stability and UV resistance.


Special formulation of plasticized PVC, modified by adding nitrile rubbers, that provide the finished product with better proprieties than FLEXVINIL, such as more compression-set, dimensional and heat stability and UV resistance.


Specific formulations chemically compatible in order to get high-quality rigid-flexible coextruded profiles.


Rigid and flexible formulations, with the addition of expanding agents in order to get profiles with weighty thickness, by keeping lightness, high heat coefficient and excellent malleability.

Wood Plastic Composite – WPC

Material of new generation, respectful of the environmental. WPC, acronym of Wood Plastic Composite, is a particular polymer containing vegetable fibres. Our formulations, technically studied to be resistant on the outside , ensure, besides performances similar to the common thermoplastic materials, an excellent heat coefficient and soundproofing level.

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene – ABS

The acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene polymers (ABS) are amorphous thermoplastic materials, with excellent proprieties of rigidness, toughness even at very low temperature, impact strength and scratch resistance. Moreover they can be easily mixed with other polymers such as polycarbonate, PVC and with fibres or glass spheres in order to increase the mechanical proprieties.

Thanks to our experience and research, we decided to introduce a new range of products, made by the co-extrusion of ABS (rigid part) with plasticized PVC. This product, named STEADY, ensure a better heat stability of the product, especially concerning the linear shrinkage


he polyamides have good characteristics of mechanical resistance, toughness and high impact strength . they have also good antifriction proprieties, excellent wear and high temperature resistance, that make them suitable as building materials for a lot of technical employs. Our company has developed, together with its suppliers, specific formulations for the employ in the fixtures sector.

TECHNYL is a special formulation of polyamide with or without adding fibre of glass for making profiles and pressed parts with high physical-mechanical proprieties.