Green Materials

Steadytech, hallmark of Traflex products designed for DXT brand, stands out for its exceptional physical / mechanics characteristics.

Inside the DXT world, Traflex is actively involved in development of sustainable solutions together with its suppliers. Our “green” profiles stand out for its eco-compatibility, hugging bio and recycled materials.

Steadytech Recycled

Products made with materials coming from different recycling processes, demonstrating our commitment to reduce the environmental impact.

Our recycled raw materials come from mechanical or regeneration recycling processes, using both industrial waste and material coming from civil recycling (pre and post-consumer).

These materials are obtained through mechanical pressing, fusion, filtration, stabilisation and regranulation processes.

Steadytech Biobase

Innovative materials obtained by chemical industrial processes, using biological components, demonstrating our commitment to bio-sustainable solutions.

Biobase materials used by Traflex are obtained through chemical industrial processes, using components of biological origin, as oils and emulsions. It is possible to distinguish two kind of Biobase materials:

Attributed Biobase

Obtained with vegetal oils of first production, partial or total, of traditional naphtha.

Attributed Biobase-Circular

Obtained with waste vegetal oils from agri-food industry in substitution, partial or total, of traditional naphtha.